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Our coaching program helps you PROMOTE YOUR BOOK and grow your author platform without burning yourself out, losing control of your brand, or paying thousands per month for publicity.

The benefits of Promote Your Book Like a Pro Coaching:

  • Group coaching calls with a book marketing expert
  • Exclusive access to Promote Your Book Like a Pro online course
  • Maintain control of your brand, book's message and media relationships.
  • Develop media relationships that value your brand and last for years
  • Deeply understand how to leverage your book to build your brand
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Why are we sharing our book promotion secrets?

We are a boutique book marketing agency and our client roster fills up quickly. Authors, like you, often come to us with tight timing, either when a book is just a few months from getting its chance to change the world, or has launched and isn't selling well. You need results quickly and we don't always have the bandwidth. Rather than turn clients away when we know we can help, we wanted to offer a game-changer.

So we created a program at a fraction of the cost to teach and coach authors to find success for themselves. We've developed an online program so you can execute the skills we're teaching, and we're also offering group coaching so you can benefit from shared experiences and learn from others. This is the moment to stop wasting time trying to figure it out alone. Let us teach you what works for marketing your book so you can spend less time marketing, and more time doing what you love!

Imagine being able to...

  • Reach more readers because your message has a wider reach
  • Land speaking opportunities all because your book was seen in the media by the right person
  • Establish yourself as a go-to source with media and be the first call for expert quotes on your topic
  • Expand your reach for further partnership and business opportunities
  • Increase your brand visibility with simple tools and systems
  • Inspire ongoing buzz for your brand with promotional strategies you can implement year round
  • Enhance call-back invites for repeat interviews with news outlets because you have perfected the skills we teach you on how to be a good interviewee

Invest in yourself. Imagine what it will feel like when you eliminate the need to wait for a publicist who many be representing many. It's an empowering step within your reach.


What's included in the Promote Your Book Like A Pro program:

Access to the 4-Month Promote Your Book Like A Pro Coaching Program & Curriculum

This program is specifically designed to be an intensive four month hands-on learning tool. During this time we help you create your book promotion plan or optimize the plan you currently have and then show you how to leverage it. We provide the checklists, templates, tools, and strategies to build your brand authority systematically, year-round, and on an ongoing basis. This gives us time to work with you on all components of your book promotion program, so you can leverage and optimize your efforts.

Book Marketing Expert Assigned To You

You receive 4 one-hour high-level group coaching calls with other authors in the program. This is moderated by one of our book marketing experts. Together we find the best strategies to overcome challenges, adjust mindsets, and find the most naturally efficient way forward in your publicity efforts. This call lets you connect with others in this exclusive program so you can ask questions and engage support in this private group. Each call is recorded and time-stamped so you can easily review all the answers to any of the questions afterward or if you were not able to make the call.

At Your Fingertips: Promote Your Book Like A Pro Elite Full Curriculum, Tools, and Template Library:

This elite program gives you access to all of our resources, downloads, and high-impact training videos inside our private portal. It includes expert interviews with media, industry experts and successful authors, access to more than 40+ Template, and “done for you” documentation on everything from media outreach, social media calendars, and so much more.

"The DigiWriting team helped me to break out of my shell to put myself and my message out there for others to benefit from my life’s journey. For me, this is one of the most valuable experiences of my life."

- Dr. Scott Guerin, author of 12 Lessons

“There is no doubt in my mind that DigiWriting’s custom publicity solutions were integral to a substantial increase in my book’s sales and exposure!”

— Dr. Annika Sörensen, author of Leadership With Less Stress, Take stress From Chaos To Calm, and My De-Stress Diary 

"The DigiWriting team took my project from being lost in the shuffle to a full page book review in the Toronto Star and being featured on most major tv media outlets.  Because of their diligence to get this book launched, Rebel Dad caught the attention of a well known Canadian film documentary film producer and my book is becoming a 90 minute documentary to be entered in all film festivals around the globe."

- David McKinstry, author of Rebel Dad.

"When my book Sea Over Bow was published, I thought my work was done. Boy was I wrong. I don’t know what I would have done without Digiwriting to guide me through the strange new world of social media and to help my book get noticed in the crowded marketplace. Working with them is like having your own experienced, professional marketing team in the next office. You don’t have to do this alone!"

- Linda Kenyon, author of Sea Over Bow

Bestselling Author Jaime Lee Mann

You can't just write a book and expect that it will just be an overnight success. It takes investment and it takes some. It takes marketing help and it takes some strategy. So I did work. I relied heavily on Digiwriting.

- Jaime Lee Mann, author of bestselling series The Legend of Rhyme

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Coaching is for you whether you're developing a book promotion plan, or if you have an existing plan but you want to take control of your brand and publicity without spending more money on a publicist.

"I already have promoted my book..."

Great! Book promotion is ongoing and clients come to us just for advice on how to raise awareness for their existing book and take it to the next level. But we also find that when clients come to us with an existing book promotion program, we uncover many ways we can adjust what they have now to develop further strategies, expand partnership options, streamline media and speaking opportunities. We’ll make sure your existing program is as effective and efficient as possible, then we’ll help you take it to the next level. Within 4 months you will have set up your systems to be able to adjust and master your publicity with ease.

"I haven't promoted my book yet..."

Perfect! You have a product which is the first step! We help you create your own marketing and book promotion plan that feels comfortable to manage and still gets results. Only by developing your own book promotion program can you be sure you are serving your audience at the highest level while increasing your revenue. Once you’ve acquired the skills and designed your personal plan we will teach you how to pitch to media, reviewers and other stakeholders in your particular space right from the start. When you’re ready, will look deeper into speaking and partnership opportunities.

Promote Your Book Like A Pro

What would it mean to you to establish your own direct connections with the media and stop paying a publicist to be the gatekeeper?

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